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We Have a Customized Approach:

Our custom written papers are never resold as pre-written custom essays as we are not connected to an essay database like many of our competators. Your job is important to us and we want to get it right. Every project we accept is carefully worked so that you receive the desired result. This often means that you will be in direct contact with out writers so that we can get it just right

All Papers are written from scratch:

All of our work is written from scratch by qualified writers to your specifications, instructions and requirements. In doing so, we eliminate any possibility of plagerism. we have a large staff of academin writers that allows us to choose the best match for your paper.


Talk to us, share your ideas, communicate with your writer about the format.  We strive to give you exactly what you want.

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Welcome to – You are less than 60 seconds away from finding the answers to all of your writing needs. Our writing services are truthfully the best in this business.  With us you receive customized, original writing of the finest quality each and every time you place an order! We have lots to offer, so please review this home page and then navigate throughout our site, to understand all of the service, the quality, and the guarantees we provide.

A Professional Essay Writing Service is Only as Good as its Writers

The reason for our success begins with our writers. While other companies rely on amateur researchers and writers and have little quality control, we are extremely selective when employing writers. First, all of our writers must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in their major field of study, but most have Master’s and many have Ph.D.’s. In this way, we can serve any client from high school, undergraduate, and graduate students to business and organizational professionals.

Once we have verified credentials, candidates are given a topic for an original piece of writing in their fields. When that passes our strict criteria, only then do they come to work for us. We also want people who genuinely love to write, for they are the most enthusiastic about their assignments! Writing the best college essay or paper may be drudgery for you – it never is for your writer.

CustomEssays2go for Everyone

Whether you are a high school student struggling with writing essays, an undergraduate physics student stressing over a research paper, or a graduate student in the middle of a thesis or dissertation,  has a writer for you. If you are in need of admissions or scholarship essays, a resume or CV, or an entrepreneur who needs web content or articles, we have a writer for you. Writing an essay for college or admission well is something which takes a certain kind of writer. They have to be knowledgeable about your subject. They have to be able to grasp the purpose of the essay. They have to be able to liaise with you in order to give it “your” voice. They have to know their way around the English language and be able to express themselves well enough to get you those elusive grades. They have to produce a quality piece of work – we insist on it. You may think that this would make our services expensive and out of reach for the average student to buy. Not so. You will find our prices are very competitive and reasonable for the level of expertise and aptitude which we demand of our writers.

Essay Service with More than a Smile

As the best essay writing service in the industry, we understand what customer service is all about. If you can’t get a hold of us when you have a question or an issue, then you have not been served. If it’s 2:00 a.m., and you need to place an urgent order, a live person is always there to discuss your need, to help you complete the order, and to make sure that a writer is found right away! 365 days a year, we are in business, 24 hours a day! You can call us; you can email us; you can chat live with a customer support pro.

Service during and after the order placement is just as important. That is why we have a messaging system on our site for you to talk directly with your writer or contact our customer service with any issue or question.

Custom Means Custom

Here is what custom writing means to us:

  • Your writer begins from scratch. You don’t want plagiarized work; we demand originality from our writers; our writers deliver only authentic and original pieces to you. That’s how we roll, always!
  • If your final draft is not exactly as you want it to be, we revise it immediately.
The Perks – And There are Many
  • Guarantee of plagiarism-free content and free revisions
  • Customer ownership of any writing ordered and delivered
  • Direct communication between customer and writer
  • A personal account on our site for communication and order tracking
Any Kind of Essay Writing!

While writing college essay or paper is probably the most common order we receive, we want you to understand that we have writers for virtually everything, including:

  • Full high school and college essay writing service
  • Papers, book reviews, case studies, lab reports, tests
  • All graduate level projects, including theses and dissertations
  • Admissions and scholarship essays
  • Resumes and CV’s
  • Web content, copywriting, blogs, articles
  • Business writing – reports, marketing material, white papers
  • Research and data collection/analysis of any type
Mum’s the Word

Your use of our essay writing services is just between us. We need you name and contact information, of course, but it is never divulged to anyone, and our payment processing is fully secure and encrypted – the same SSL procedures of any web-based retailer. That’s how a professional writing service behaves!

Give Us a Try – You’ll Be Back for More!

Whether you are writing an essay or paper that is giving you “fits,” whether you are in need of any academic, application or professional writing, whether you need research or editing, whether you ask “write an essay for me”, is your answer! Over many years, we have accumulated writing and editing staff that encompasses every academic or professional need! You won’t find any other service that offers these.